Nicole provides hands on healing to assist the body move blockages that surface in the physical body. If you have sport injuries, chronic pain and disorders, muscle tension, anxiety, insomnia, back pain and are not recovering to your full potential a holistic approach may benefit you. A variety of services are offered and tailored to each client to help re-align the body to its natural state. Services that are offered are: Thai Yoga Therapy, Abdominal Massage, Reflexology, Private and Group Yoga, and Communication and Wellness Advising. Dependent of the method and the wiliness of the client, treatment can assist the body back to its natural alignment, creating more clarity, energy, movement and overall well-being.

Nicole Lillis, Registered Yoga Teacher RYT200, Reiki Master, Thai Yoga Therapist, Reflexology, and Stomach Massage

Bachelor Arts in Organizational Communication and Sociology, Master of Arts in Leadership

Nicole worked with military and veterans over the course of 15 years. From Fort Hood Texas where she was stationed as a Military Police Officer back to her home state in Wisconsin working with veterans in various arenas for the State of Wisconsin. During this time, she dabbled in holistic modalities such as reiki and continued helping Veterans 1-on-1. Her skills in communication, higher education, employment, homelessness, mental health and substance abuse led her to speak throughout the United States as a liaison for professionals, agencies, and non-military people to help better understand the language of Veterans.

Along her journey, she realized she could help people in a different way, a holistic way and decided to leave to pursue a passion of hers in the healing arts. She dove into studying JointYoga, Yoga, Thai Yoga and various other modalities to assist in healing personal injuries from the military and extreme sports. Her health returned to normal, pain decreased, and she had higher energy levels. She was so excited that she thought if she could feel better, others could too. Today, she helps people communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively to work toward their personal goals.

Whether it is helping clients work towards a more pain free and joyous life through massage and yoga or learning to communicate effectively in personal and professional relationships, Nicole loves seeing her clients succeed.